This tutorial is going to show you how to use the Premium features of the Voice4u TTS app.

In order to use following Premium features, please subscribe the Premium plan.

The Premium plan unlocks the following features:

  1. Save a text that you typed or photographed as a document.
  2. Importing a document.
  3. Unlimited use of "capture and speak" (camera OCR)
  4. Sync and backup data

Saving a Document

You can save your words and sentences as a document. Tap SaveThe application automatically displays the first line of your sentences by default. 


To browse your documents, tap Documents button (orange) at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Voice4u TTS automatically organizes your documents by (i) creation date, (ii) name of document, (iii) location where a document was created. To use the documents previously saved, tap one on the screen. 

Importing a Document

Let’s go through how to import shared documents. Open email on iPad and make sure that Voice4u TTS is installed on the iPad (also enable the Premium account).


Navigate to the message received.



 Tap the attachment icon, and then tap Open in Voice4u TTS.


Voice4u TTS automatically starts and shows a small window like below. Select a user that the document will be saved for and tap Import. A user functions just like a file folder.



Unlimited use of "capture and speak" (camera OCR)

The Premium plan allows you to use "capture and speak" as many as you want.

You can use up to 10 times with the Standard plan (unpaid).

Sync and backup data

All data is automatically synced and backup at the cloud server. You can use the same data between your iPad, iPod, and iPhone. Also useful when you upgrade/replace your iOS device.