This tutorial is going to explain how to change the password of your Voice4u TTS Premium account. If you have forgotten your password, this tutorial also will help you to reset your password.

Changing Password

(1) Tap Setting

 (2) Scroll down and tap Login. 

(3) Tap I forgot my password. (Even if you had not forgotten your password, tap the button to change your password.)

(4) Type in your email address of your account. (In case you do not remember your email address associated with your account, please contact with the Voice4u team.) Then, tap Send me a verification email.


(5) A verification email will be sent to your email address.


(6) Check your email. You can do either on your mobile device or PC. Click the link in the message.

(7) Type your new password (and remember it!). Then click Change Password.

(8) That’s it! You will see a screen like below. 


How to Login

(1) Open the Setting window and tap Login.


(2) Type in your email address and password. Then, tap Login.

 (3) If authentication is successful, the Setting window indicates the expiration date of your plan.

In case you want to logout, simply tap Logout.