This tutorial is going to show you how to use the Voice4u TTS app. To follow this tutorial, please run Voice4u TTS on your device.

Basic Features

After installing the app, you should see the home screen of Voice4u TTS just like below.

1. Text Box: Type sentences in this text box using the keyboard.

2. Speak Button (green): Tap this button to let the app read out loud. The language of the voice is automatically detected by the app.

3. Clear Button (blue): Tap this button to clear the text box.

4. Keyboard Button (red): Tap this button to show the keyboard (or tap the Text Box).

5. Share Button (yellow green): You can send texts via various ways: email, Facebook, Twitter and more. You can also print via wireless printers.

6. Camera Button (yellow): You can have the app read texts that you photograph using the internal camera. The app can read in 30+ languages (not just English!).  


(1) Voice4u TTS allows you to share your documents through email, Facebook, and Twitter. you may need to setup your social network accounts beforehand in order to use this function. Tap Share It!


(2) Application icons will be shown at the bottom of the screen. Let us demonstrate how to send your document via email here. Tap Mail.

(3) Email composure screen appears like below. The content of your document is copied to the body of email. Plus, the document is compressed and attached to your email (.v4utts extension). Select recipients’ email address and hit the Send button. 


(1) You can print your documents wirelessly. The printing feature works with AirPrint supported printers. For the list of AirPrint printers, check this page.

To use AirPrint supported printers, no additional setup is required for iPad and iPhone. Tap Print and then tap Select Printer.

(2) AirPrint supported printers will show up. Select one to use.


 (3) Hit Print

Camera (Capture & Speak)

The feature is a combination of OCR and Text-To-Speech technologies. In essence, you can read texts by photographing with the internal camera. The app can read 30+ languages: not just limited to English. Here is how to use it:

(1) Tap the “Camera” button.

(2) Tap the shutter button.

(3) Select the area to read.

(4) Tap the check button.

(5) Voila! Tap the speak button to read out loud, share, or save it.

The app typically reads in 1 – 2 seconds. Also, it automatically detects a language of the texts recognized by using optical character recognition (OCR). You can turn off the automatic language detection from the Setting screen. Simply slide “off” the “Language detection” switch.

The Standard plan allows you to use the Capture & Speak for 10 times.

For Premium plan users, it is unlimited!