This tutorial introduces how to backup the Voice4u data in your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and how to restore it. You will need a PC (or Mac) and iTunes.

*** This tutorial is deprecated as of January 1, 2015. This still works, however please try "How to Backup and Synchronize Data Wirelessly" instead, which is more smooth and easier. ***


1. Backup the Data

Connect the device you want to backup and PC (or Mac) with a USB cable.

Run the iTunes.
(iTunes is available at Apple’s website)


iTunes shows up on the screen. Click the iPad button at the top-right corner of the window. If you connect an iPhone or iPod touch, it should look like “iPhone” or “iPod touch” respectively.

We are going to backup the Voice4u data stored in the iPad and copy it to an iPhone 5.


Click the “Apps” tab.


Scroll down to bottom of screen.

(1) Click “Voice4u” in the “Apps”.
(2) The data of Voice4u is displayed on the right.


(1) Select the all files. To do so, hit “A” key while holding down the Control key (PC) or Command key (Mac).
(2) Click “Save to…“.


 We will save the data at the Desktop by creating a new folder. Click New Folder.


Type in a name of the new folder.


Click Open. 

The data is being copied from the iPad to PC (or Mac).

That’s it for backing up the data of Voice4u.


You should see a new folder on Desktop. Please preserve this folder and highly recommend to save external storage device, such as a USB thumb drive.

2. Restoring the Backup Data

Now, let’s go through how to restore the backup data to other devices. As an example, we will restore the data to the iPhone, which Voice4u is already installed.

Connect the iPhone and PC or Mac with an USB cable and launch iTunes.

Click iPhone at the top-right corner of the window.


Click the App tab and scroll down to the bottom of screen.

(1) Click Voice4u, and

(2) Click Add…. 


A small window pop us up. (1) Select the folder created in the previous step, and (2) click Open.


(1) Select the all files in the folder. To do so, press A key while holding down Controlkey (PC), Command key (Mac).

(2) Click Open.


(1) Check Apply to all.
(2) Click Replace.


The data is being copied to the iPhone. Wait until the copy is complete.


Here is the final result of this tutorial. We were able to copy the Voice4u data on iPad to iPhone.