This video demonstrates how to create multiple choices on the iPad.

Note: before you adjust the number of icons on the screen, you may need to change the order of icons.

In this tutorial, we will create multiple choices with “Yes” and “No” just like the above tutorial video.

1. First make sure the mode is correctly activated. 
(1) Tap the “More” tab.
(2) Tap "Preferences" .

Then, slide OFF the Fullscreen Mode switch. Now we are good to go.      

2. Let's create a new category so that we can add multiple choices. Tap the plus (+) button at the top-left corner of th screen.

Watch this tutorial for more details on how to make a category.

Tap the category you have just created. And then, tap the plus (+) button or tab.

3. We have created two icons, “Yes” and “No”.

Watch this tutorial on how to add icons.

4. Select the category that you created in the previous step. Tap icons to play the sound.


For the Android version, you may change the view style between “List” and “Grid”.

Go to: “More” tab > “Preferences” > Tap “Switch to List/Grid View”.


If there are icons more than you need in the category, you may display only the icons that you want. Try reordering the icons and then adjusting the “# of icons” by tapping the Mode button