We’d like to share a tip on Voice4u. As you know Voice4u is a very simple app, but you can use it as a schedule organizer or even to create a social story.

Here’s how:

1. Create a new category

First, create a new category for managing a schedule. Navigate to the "Browse" tab, and tap the “+” button at the top-left corner. 

 Type in a title for the new category (and set a thumbnail image if you want).


2. Add the first icon

So, navigate yourself to the new "Schedule" category:

Then, tap the "+" button to add a new icon to this category:

Tip: if you are need more details on adding a new icon, look at this tutorial: 

Here, we are creating a "6:30 wake up" icon:

Select an image and record your voice (or use the automatic voice). We have a new icon just like this:

Tip: Make sure that your new icons is in the "Sentence" category:

3. Add the rest of icons and Finish!

Keep adding icons you need. And the final result will look like this:

Hope this tip is useful and fun :)