In this tutorial, we will show you how to use the Archive. Archive is similar to Trash Box of PC or Mac. It allows you to hide unneeded icons. The icons in the Archive are restored later, or permanently deleted. This tutorial uses iPhone though, the usage is the same for all devices.

1. How to Hide an Icon

Let's select an icon that you want to hide and move it to the Archive: Select a category, (1) Tap the Edit button, and then (2) select an icon.

Then on the editing screen appears and tap the Hide button. For some devices, you may need to scroll down the screen. Find the "Delete" button.

Tap "Delete" to confirm. 

Repeat the same steps for other icons that you want to hide. 

The icons hidden are now moved to the Archive.

2. How to Use the Archive

The Archive is found in the More screen: (1) tap the More tab, and then (2) tap Archive. 

 The Icons that are hidden appears on the screen. 

By selecting an icon in the Archive, it appears like this. 
(You can play audio by tapping the graphic.)

If you want to delete the icon permanently, tap the Delete button (purple) and then confirm.


Tap the “Restore” button in order to put back the icon. 

In case the category that the icon was originally assigned is already deleted, it will be placed in the Uncategorized category.

Lastly, if you want to permanently delete all icons in the Archive, tap "All Clear" at the top right corner of the screen. 

This process CANNOT undo.