Add a category

1. Select the Browse tab and then tap the “+” button.

2. To create a category, you need to type in a title and select an image (optional).

3. Type in a title you want (ex. Today’s Schedule). 


4. You can either add new image of your own or use the image (of a regular holder) as is by clicking “Add”.

5. Tap “Save” button to save it.


Edit a category

1. Navigate to the category screen and tap the “Edit” button at the top right corner of the screen. The button turns into red.

2. Select any category (except Unknown). 

You can change the title and thumbnail. Tap the "Save" button to finish. Or, "Back" if you want to cancel the change.

3. For iPhone or iPod touch, hold the far right of a category and slide up/down to reorder the categories. For iPad, hold down a category and move to reorder.

4. Tap the “Done” button to finish editing.

5. Now we’ve just created a new category and changed the order of categories.