This tutorial explains how to add a new icon on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The followings are available for Voice4u version 3.0. You can add a new icon as little as 3 taps. Here is how it works. 

First, tap the add tab in the bottom of the screen.

 1) Type in words/phrases of a new icon. Then, tap the Next button. 

2. In a second, Voice4u creates a preview of the new icon. If you are ok with the preview, simply tap the Add button. You can also change word, image.

3. That's it! It's much faster and easier than ever, isn't it?

 Tips After words/phrases are typed in, Voice4u attempts to do the followings:
  1. Automatically record voice by analyzing the words/phrases you typed. Also, it also detects the language of the words/phrases.
  2. Automatically select the best fitted category for the new icon.
  3. Automatically select an image that suits for the words/phrases you typed.