This tutorial goes through how to use the switch accessible feature of Voice4u: you can use the app with a switch. The feature is added to the version 2.5 and usable on all models of iPad and iPad mini.

1. What Equipment Do I Need?

The photo below shows equipment for using the switch accessible feature. You will need:

  1. iPad or iPad mini
  2. Bluetooth Switch Interface
  3. Switch


  1. iPad or iPad mini
  2. Bluetooth Super Switch: A big gum ball switch with bluetooth switch interface embedded.


Bluetooth Switch Interface, Switch, and Bluetooth Super Switch are available at RJ Cooper Associates.

Make sure to charge your BSI before starting!

You can charge the BSI through USB port of your computer. Simply plug with an USB cable that came with your BSI.


2. Setting Up a Switch Interface

First of all, you need to pair the switch interface. Locate a small red button of the BSI and hold it for a few seconds. The LED lamp will start blinking.


Run the Settings app.

(1) Tap “Bluetooth” for iOS 6. If your iPad is loaded with iOS 5, the Bluetooth menu is found in “General”.
(2) Slide ON the “Enable Bluetooth” toggle switch.

The iPad will immediately start searching for your Bluetooth Switch Interface. After a few seconds, “AirTurn-XXXX” will appear on the list. Tap it. Then, the iPad automatically starts pairing the Bluetooth Switch Interface.

Congratulations! You’ve completed pairing devices. If successful, you should see “Connected” on the screen.

Plug a switch to Bluetooth Switch Interface (either port is fine).


3. Setting Up Voice4u

Run the Voice4u app.

Now, adjust some settings of Voice4u.

(1) Go into "More".
(2) Tap the Preferences.
(3) Slide on “Enable Switch Accessible”.
(4) Adjust the Switch Scanning Speed. You can adjust the scanning speed ranging from 5 sec to 0.8 sec.


4. How Do I Use It?

The switch function can be used on “Category” and “Favorites” views. You need to touch the screen in order to switch views.

If you have done all settings correctly, you should see a small prompt window saying “Click the switch to start scanning.”



To start scanning, tap the switch.


An icon / category will be highlighted one by one (scanning). Tap your switch on the item your want to select. Here, I’m selecting a category.

Again, a small window pops up. Tap the switch to start scanning and tap it again to select one. 


If the Full Screen mode switch is on, an icon will be displayed on a single screen. Tap the switch again to play sound, or go back to the previous screen.


To go back to the previous screen, tap the switch on the “Back” icon.



If you turn OFF the Fullscreen Mode, audio will be played immediately without switching the screen. To turn OFF the Fullscreen Mode, tap the mode button and slide OFF the toggle switch.


Then, the voice comes out without transitioning screens.


That’s it! If you have any questions, ask at our support forum. If there are some features missing that you need, let us know it, too.