The Premium plan is introduced from version 3.0. It enables data backup wirelessly and make is a lot easier to create/edit icons and categories. Here is the benefits of the Premium plan.

Premium Plan offers

    • You can backup up all of your icons and categories. 
    • You can use the same icons and categories more than one device easily.
    • You can use web images from online as many as 150 images per month.

    The Premium plan is available for $4.99 per month, or $49.99 per year (2-month free). The Premium is available through the in-app purchase. 

    When your subscription expires, you may need to update manually. Voice4u does NOT renew your subscription automatically.

    How to activate the Premium plan

    1. Tap the “More” tab.

    2. Tap the “Go Premium".

    3. Select either "1 Month" or "Annual (12 months)". Tap a blue button. Remember the Annual plan comes with 2-month free discount! Voice4u does NOT renew your subscription automatically. When it expires, you need to renew manually. In other words, your credit card won't be charged automatically.

    4. Sign in with your Apple ID (iCloud ID). If you already have an account, tap "Use Existing Apple ID". 
    If you don't, tap "Create New Apple ID".

    5. Type in your Apple ID (email) and the password. Then tap "OK".

    6. It will ask a confirmation from you. Tap "Buy" to proceed.

    *** If you have purchased previously, you may see a screen like this. Tap "Buy" to proceed. ***

    7. After a few seconds, you have successfully purchased a Premium plan.

    [Recommended] Create Your Voice4u Account

    This process is not totally required to keep using the Premium plan, we highly recommend to create your Voice4u account now. If you have an account, you can use the Premium plan on multiple devices (as many as you want). And, sync your icons and categories across your devices. Also, in case you have changed your device or lost one, you can easily recover your precious data quickly and easily.

    1. Tap the "More" tab and tap "Create Your Account?"

    2. Type your email address and password for your Voice4u account. And then tap the Sign up button.

    3. As soon as sign-up is successful, Voice4u starts syncing your data with the server. Please bear with it for a few minutes.

    How to use the Premium plan more than one device


    To use the Premium plan on more than one device, you need to install Voice4u (free) and log in with your Voice4u account.

    1. Install the Voice4u AAC app on to another device. You can install for free. 

    (Tap the image to install from the App Store. Then tap the small cloud icon on the screen.)

    2. Tap the "More" tab and then tap "Log in".

    3. Type your email and password and then tap the "Log in" button.

    4. You'll see a screen like this and ...

    ... it starts syncing data.

    That's it!

    Forgot Your Password?

    Forgot Your Username?

    If you don’t remember your user name, read the instruction here: